Preparing Your Curly Hair For Wedding Day Styling

S. Regina

For those with curly hair, walking into the salon to get a trim can be stressful. Imagine what a bride with curly hair would be feeling then! No one wants to have a bad hair day when it is their wedding. You wouldn’t want to look like Frankenstein on your big day just because of your hair, right?

You might have selected a list of long curly hairstyles for wedding but if your hair is not in top condition, the results won’t be great. Before your big day, it is recommended to schedule a hair consultation with a reliable hairstylist. You will go home with all the right tips to care for your hair before the big day.

These are the things you must ask and prepare for on your consultation:

Ask if they have experience in styling textured hair

You must make sure the stylist you get has experience in styling textured hair regularly. You would definitely want to look great in the pictures. If an inexperienced stylist ends up treating your hair, you could possibly look like a French poodle instead of a bride with amazing hair.

Choose between straight hair and curly hair

You must know what you want to do with your hair on your big day. That means deciding between keeping your curls andstraightening your hair. People with curly hair are pretty much used to doing their own hair because they know how to handle them the best. You must mentally prepare yourself that a hairstylist will be doing everything for you. Whether it is long curly hairstyles for wedding or straight hairstyles, discuss everything with the stylist beforehand. Let them know your expectations too.

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Bring all the hair accessories you plan on wearing

Even if it is just a trial day, bring all the hair accessories you are planning to wear. The stylist deserves to see what they will be working with. Also, stay open to ideas. Discuss how you want to wear accessories. An experienced stylist will not hesitate in sharing useful styling suggestions with you.

Bring a picture of your bridal dress

The stylist needs to see your wedding dress to determine what hairstyle would look better on you with that dress. There are certain hairstyles which look great with dresses with a neckline. Do not make this mistake of not bringing the picture of your whole wedding dress.

Get your hair in good

On your wedding day, you would want your hair to look their best. So get rid of all the split ends and frizz beforehand. Go for a protein treatment or a deep conditioning treatment. This is necessary for those of you who have been heat styling their hair a lot.

As you would want to make a great first impression when you visit the hair stylist for a consultation, make sure your hair is clean. You don’t have to wash them that morning but it is pertinent to take care of your hygiene. After this meeting, you will be certain about your wedding look and it will be easier to choose among the long curly hairstyles for wedding.

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