New Party Hairstyle Step by Step Treatment

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New Party Hairstyle Step by Step Treatment

You are going to attend the party and you have short listed time for hairdresser. What come in your mind first? Are you visiting come near the computer and get some easy hair style that best suited for your hair. The answer is yes. Our so easy and timeless hair style helps you more. You will need not of any heavy hair accessory. Follow the step by step hair treatment from below.

Rolled Up Low Bun Hair Style

Elegant traditional look hair style in step by step process here share with you.

  • At first step get pony tail hair in a rubber band. Now pick pu the pony tail hair upside and pass through center hole.
  • Now make role of hair with end until it reach nape.
  • In next step secure low bun with the help of bobby pin.
  • Decorate the rolled up low bun party hair style with natural or silk flower.

Simple but Cute Hair Style

So simple and easy to get hair style you can easily learn with step by step process.

  • Silky shine and diy hair first divide from back.
  • One half is drop down and other wrap in circular motion. Wrap hair secure with bobby pin.
  • Now get other drop down hair and do same as first.
  • You will get final look of back bun hair style.

Sleek Vixen Hair Style

Dear I try our best to show each step of hair style clearly. After saying the images I think you don’t need more explanation. You can make the above image pony tail hair style on your long silky shine hair. You will require bobby pin to give final look to hair style.

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Long Hair Treatment

  • Women first make side swept hair and then after back dividing of hair side braid make over.
  • She makes cross with double braid and pull down over the head.
  • Both end of braid fit with bobby pin.
  • Enjoy party with drop earring and sleeveless dressing.

Braided Top Bun Hairstyle

Creative look develop under braided top bun hair style. You can become impressive lady with long hair and interesting look hair make over.

  • You need first make top pony tail hair style with front hair division.
  • Follow the 3rd picture and start braid from one side front to other. At last use bobby pin.

Thrones Braid Hair Style

Really queen beauty of you emerged when you get throne braid hair style. You need to follow the each step and get final look. You can get the above image define hair style on wedding party and other night function.

French Twist Hair Style

Just in four steps you can reach at final look. Long sleek hair of women wrap in one side movement. With above hair style you can easily show your back styling of dress. For summer parties French twist hair style give perfect idea to you wisata padang.

  • Wrap the hair at the end of hair.
  • Now secure the hair with win, with this air doesn’t lose.

Half-Up Fishtail Braid

  • Pull down all hair on back, now get small amount of hair from both side ear.
  • Divide the hair in two half and make cross, pin up the hair.
  • Draw cross with up hair and make fish tail braid.
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At last remove the pin from hair.

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