Manage your loved ones’ Health Irrespective of your Physical Presence!

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Manage your loved ones’ Health Irrespective of your Physical Presence!

Health is one of the most important aspects of holistic well-being of an individual. However, in this fast paced environment, it is a little difficult to manage health records, appointments etc. The technology industry was quick enough to cash on the need of an efficient healthcare solutions, and came up with world-class online solutions that that enable the user to digitally manage healthcare records.

Healthcare is unquestionably one of those industries that have grown beyond expectations. The healthcare technology is also evolving alongside the general developments in technological expansions. The electronic medical records, electronic health records, practice management software, various healthcare apps etc. have completely transformed the healthcare technology landscape.

Mobile technology and healthcare

Smartphone have uncertainly transformed the way we live. Mobile technology has empowered almost every industry, and healthcare industry is not left behind either. The digital revolution has strengthen the healthcare space as well, as now we have applications for managing our and our family’s health. A plenty of apps are being designed to help the care providers manage their practice, and enhance their productivity as well.

Healthcare applications to keep a track of your health

A plenty of latest healthcare apps allow the user to easily manage the health of an individual. Starting from keeping the health records safe digitally, to tracking the appointment schedules, healthcare apps for patients offer a plenty of useful features to the care seekers. Also, the apps enable the user to discover the best doctor nearby. There are options available to find out the bets doctor by specialty. Also, the reviews and feedback sections helps the patients to make the right decision, and book appointment of the most preferred doctor.

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Can keep a track of your family’s health irrespective of your physical presence?

Yes, you can. Managing your health is one task, but you would always want to keep a track of your loved ones’ health as well. However, sometimes when you are unable to be with them due to location constrains etc., still you will be able to manage their health via your mobile. There are various applications that help you to take better care of the health of your family members as well by adding their information to the app. Here are some top benefits of using an app to manage your loved ones’ health online:

Fix doctor appointments anywhere, from anywhere

Mobile applications allow the user to find out the best doctors based on geography, specialty or even feedback. Thus, say even if you are in some other state and your family member or your loved one who want to meet a doctor urgently is unable to find the ‘right’ doctor, you can easily book doctor appointment for him/her from your mobile.

Manage health records of your family

The latest mobile apps allow the care seeker to maintain a record of the health data of the loved ones’ digitally as well. Hence, you can always analyze the health data of the patient, or you may even share it with any care provider, from anywhere, to help the care provider take better clinical decision. Also, the health records can be reviewed generally to get a good understanding of the current health state of any individual. This way, instead of worrying about your loved one from a distance, you can simply access the health records and asses the present condition.

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Stay in touch with the doctor

Even if you are travelling, or are located in a place pretty far from the doctor, still you can ask any relevant question from the doctor through the healthcare app. You may even take important health related notes and tips from the doctor, and share it with your loved one, so that he/she can live a healthier life.


A lot of people now use electronic communication mediums to go “paperless”. Form receiving bills online to handling important documents, apps and mobiles offer a myriad ways efficiently manage important things online. And, same is the case with healthcare. Form scheduling appointments to managing digital health records, healthcare apps are offering a dozen features to make the care seeking process smoother than ever! Not just an individual, apps offer various features to manage the health of the loved ones’ also, hence, it is believed that the number of people using apps to manage their health is going to grow at an exponentially high in the near future.

Matt Wilson A Healthcare Expert, working with Aegis HealthTech as senior developer from last 5 years. He has extensive experience in patient management system, EMR & EHR Development and hl7 integration.

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