Outstanding Eyeliner Guideline with Different Makeup Styles

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Outstanding Eyeliner Guideline with Different Makeup Styles

The art of looking gorgeous while applying stunning eyeliner is derived from Egyptian culture. This art applied since Ancient times that highlight eyes and make them more attractive. Now fashion take a turn infinite eyeliner techniques introduced to give bold look according to makeup requirement and eye type. What type of eyeliner suited to your eye shape is fundamental question? Normally women eyes are divided in different types according to shapes mentioned below. Opt to stylish eyeliner to highlight natural face features according to make-up requirements.

Types of eyes

  • Almond eyes
  • Round eyes
  • Upturned eyes
  • Downturn eyes
  • Monolid eyes
  • Hooded eyes
  • Deep-set eyes
  • Olive eyes

Type of eye-liner

Winged outer corner

  • Classical bar
  • Cat eye liner
  • Double flick
  • Panda smudge
  • Arabic
  • Drop flick
  • Thin flick
  • Double mod
  • Slept-in smudge
  • Soft smoke
  • wine house

Rule to apply eye-liner

Applying eyeliner is not easy task you have to following rules.

  • Getting perfect eye liner looks it base over practice. Expert applies eye-liner without any difficulty but you have to pick a tooling tool if you are bigger. Tablespoon is ideal tool let you make perfect angle just like experts.
  • Pick good quality liner as it smoothly apply without any restriction www.viralhost.co. Pencil eyeliner works best for earlier.
  • Know your eyes shape prior to apply eye liner.
  • If you want to give elongating effects then perfectly draw liner between the lid and outer corner. Wing must be look flawless.

Different eyeliner looks with complete make-up

Eyeliner isdelicate way to get effortlessly chic charm. Eyes are prominent feature of face and eyeliner defines it very well. You can give dramatic, larger, bold, oval and indecisive effective while applying eyeliner. Today mixing eyeliner becomes hottest fashion trend. Let see how we look gorgeous after applying perfect eyeliner.

Classical black eyeliner never goes out of fashion. It looks fabulous in infinite situations. Just try this pin-up eyeliner give hottest look with bronze eye make and burgundy lipstick.

Just do natural make up without apply eye shades. Simple black eyeliner defines eyes. Thin winged cat eyes convey sexiest look if you keep half of lashes on the end. It versatile looks for evening or date parties.

Just go with classical cat-eye eyeliner to highlight color eye lens. Front bob cut cover forehead. In this situation you have to make eyes more prominent. Thicker cat eye liner and berry lipstick perfect combo for fair skin ladies.

Kim Kardashian accentuates her eyes by applying double winged eyeliner with heavy eyes makeup and dramatic red lipstick.

Accent you eyes through extra thicker drama eyeliner when you are not interested in apply eyeshades. Dotted under lashes liner make it more attractive and versatile as it directly touches to hearts.

Colored liners become edgy fashion trend. Copy this stunning way to add colors in delicate way. Cobalt blue eyeliner spectacularly applies on upper and under lashes in simplest way.

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