Easy And Stunning Look Long Hairstyle For Long Hair

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Easy And Stunning Look Long Hairstyle For Long Hair

I hope you will tired to old air style and want something unique, attractive. In this collection you will see casual, party to wedding hair style for long hair. Easy hair style you can draw own in short time. Each one hair style is totally different from other. College or school girls also follow the hair style for every day look. In our collection French braid, side braid, pony tail, up-down, bow style, waterfall braid hair style are include. Get images from below!

Messy Side Braid Hair Style

Side braid hair style is so easy and fun idea for casual look. Messy hair wide side swept lift on forehead and eyes. Big size black sunglasses in long braid hair style give cute personality. Messy braid covers the one side ear and eye that show the other hand earring with clear look. Braid length as touch the belly that women enjoy in t-shirt dressing. Summer street styles make over the modish lady.

Side Swept Long Hair Style

In this picture you can see so easy and time saving hair style get the lady. Side swept hair first draw than tresses from one side fold and pull down back movement. For party look flare from hair are give best idea. Bob pin is used for stop the rolling hair up the ear. The other hair hangs on back with end curl. Under the side swept hair style you can safe your budget and make on self bases.

Wrapping Hair Pony Tail Style

College girls and working ladies like this one hair style that give simple but elegant look inspiration. All hair pulls down on back than cover them and gets hair tresses for wrapping it on pony tail rather than slip any ribbon. You can get hair style own and with need of other person. Silky shine hair easily wrap on pony tail that will make you love beauty.

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French Braid Pony Tail Hair Style

For party look girl select French braid pony tail hair style. Her long hair much impresses him to enjoy simple but new look. French braid make end in pony tail that depend on your mood lift on shoulder or back gamis modern. Trendy girl black diy hair gives elegant beauty on floral lace dress. Flower necklace and tiny ear drops make clear image in long pony tail hair style.

Bow Up-Do Hair Style

Loosely style gives interesting look as well attractive on slim beauty of bridal. Shoulder length hair divide on top of hair that arranged in bow style than other half come on back. Bow or butterfly hair you can get to attend party. Working ladies also follow the above image hair style. Black color updo hair not needs any hair accessory to give final look.

Waterfall Mermaid Braided Hairstyle

Waoooo supper hair style I really love it for party look. Waterfall mermaid braid just can draw an expert who well known and professional in hair style. You will need just a rubber band and comb when you construct the above image style hair style. Tight braid with side loose waterfall has flare layer of hair that goes down movement.

Killer Back Hair Style

Killer back braid hair style best one for school girls. Simple braid starts from head back and lift upward in pony tail. Cool easy and comfort hair style best suited for spring summer days. Top pony tail hair style shows the dress back look very closely. Long hair easily band in pony tail. You can get dress matching ribbon for above picture hair style.

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Stunning Long Hair Style

Diy hair how can arranged in stunning hair style look take idea from image. Ear tresses are treating in diy hair flower form. Amazingly the color of hair and style match with shimmering look sequin dress. Party hair style makes the professional with artistic fun and ability. Simple but elegant hair style makes you attractive lady in function. You can easily wear the earring that will show.

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