Just 5 Minutes Easy Hair Do For School Girl

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Just 5 Minutes Easy Hair Do For School Girl

Respected mothers today here we bring interesting look easy hair do for your princess. The hair tutorial just for five minutes for your busy morning when you also ready to your pretty look daughter. These hair styles you can try for your school girl short and long hair for every day or functional beauty inspired. I am also much impress with these hair style and has try.

Rope Braid Ties Back Hair Style

At first stage get bang hair style in school girl hair. Take little hair from both side and make braid take as length that easily cover up in back fabric tie. Printed fabric is selected for butterfly tie that give awesome beauty to girl silky shine hair. Like half up and down hair style rope braid tie back hair style come into final look. On school function and parties girls enjoy above picture hair fashion.

Upward Lace Braid Cut Hair Style

Like water fall braid upward lace braid hair style choose for long length hair. Dress matching color polka dot tie explore love beauty. Attractive charm look create that attract others and give school girl queen beauty. Easy and quickly make hair style like everyone. Just little hair pick up and bend in to water fall braid.

Pigtail Perfect Braid Hair Style

Simple hair style like school girl and play with hair when walk. I really love it because pigtail perfect tail memorized me my childhood. My mom calls me and with great love draws 5 minute hair style. Divide the hair and start braid back of ear at the end leave short length of hair. Same color elastic rubber band on hair that braid don’t lose.

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Little Girl Hair Style

Cute nursery class girl has golden long hair that gives love beauty on her face. With the help of side bang different turn are take in little hair pony style tone. At the end each pony tail hair end stand at one place where that covered up in rope braid. Other hair is drop on both side shoulders. Look difficult but easy to try when you take start.

Infinity Tieback Braid

For school girls above image define hair style give infinity tieback name. Forehead hair pick up and make braid that make heart shape at back of head. White color tie with under pin help to give perfect style pretty girl long hair. Girl wavy hair lay down on her back with best length. Mothers glow their girl face beauty with the help of best hair style that will give him nice beauty.

Cris Cross Braid

Actually look pretty Dutch braid that make in pretty girl shoulder length hair. Easy to maid just need elastic band that tightly hold the hair in real position iTrip.id. Fabric butterfly wear on end hair. Cris cross style get on top of head from front to back while side hair also arranged in simple braid. At the end cross hair and side braid all are drop in pony tail hole.

Bang Hair Cut Style

Bang cut hair style especially founded for school girls. Girl cute face allows making them queen for their parents. Brown color silky and shiny long hair with center bang cut best suited on school girl face. Long hair re divided from back and drop on front of shoulder. fabric tie slip on top of hair that continue make half of hair and don’t mix them.

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