Gorgeous Braided Headband Hair Styles

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Gorgeous Braided Headband Hair Styles

Yesterday we discuss about braid headband in detail at end I take final decision share with you. For casual to functional look this hair style gives you new look. You will enjoy free forehead that present clear beauty of your face. Number of style you will found in our collection. In this hair style you just pick up the bobby pin. On long or shoulder length hair forehead braid headband can enjoy. We recommended you enjoy below images!

Headbands Braid Hair Style

Headband braid is so cute and interesting style. Easy to worn with skinny jeans or knitted sweater dressing. With two small section of hair lace headband come in to final look and also need to wrap the section over the head. You first need to straight your hair if they look curly. Every day or weekend style can enjoy working ladies or for party look. To lock up the end of braid get bobby pin.

Lace Headbands Braid Hair Style

  1. Brush your shoulder length hair and make straight.
  2. Get small quantity of hair from right ear and divide it into three sections.
  3. Start the braid by crossing pattern like side strand over the middle.
  4. Continue the hair but keep close to the headline.
  5. Braid the hair from left side when it reaches close to ear start regular braid.
  6. Lay down the braid against the head and pinup.
  7. Spray the hair for neatness and enjoy your day in relax mood.

Double Braid Headband

Personally I am, excited with double braid headband idea. Its perfect hair styles both for long or shoulder length hair. Easy to attain when you travel in spring days from early morning to sleep on bed. Double braid end close or hide inside the hair with the help of bobby pin. On t-shirt dressing messy braided headband suit that will give you best beauty.

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Forehead Cut Hair Braided Headband

Forhead hair cut style basically for baby girls but today youngest also like. With shoulder length or long hair forehead hair cut pass pretty doll like beauty. For double braid hair are pick up from right side ear back. Divide the hair in two to section and than normal braid make. Other half hair is treating with last pattern. Now you can pull down your hair length on back or shoulder front.

Baby Girl Long Hair French Braid

Baby girl long silky and shine hair allow enjoying French braid. Forehead braids start from left side and continue to the right side. In the above picture define hair style hair are separate in two section and third get side by side. For party or other function French or forehead braid give clear beauty of face. Under the forehead braid ear jewelry make clear image.

Gorgeous Wedding Braid Headband Style

Wedding hair style should be special that present clear beauty look in every angle. Like in above image headband make with curly long hair. Hair end length pulls down on one shoulder. Flower crown get space in center of braid headband tongkonan. Bridal sexy strapless sweetheart gown and earring show neatly. No need of any other hair accessory under headband hair tutorial.

Amazing Look Braid Headband

For inspirational look braid headband you can follow from above picture. Thin layer of braid pas from forehead and hide one side under hair close to ear. Side swept hair doesn’t slip and come on face under braid headband. Shoulder length bridal hair quickly gets the great hair style. In winter days back length of hair keep warm-up you. In braid headband you will need just two bobby pins.

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